Zack efron is dating

Zac Efron returned to the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday, marking his second straight night on the program.

This time around, instead of wearing a dress, he talked about being shirtless… During the long press tour to promote his new film “Neighbors,” Efron has been exploited for his washboard abs and chiseled physique.

In a typical romantic comedy fashion, Efron falls for a girl played by Imogen Poots, 24, immediately after he agreed to follow the "no girlfriend" rule.

The racy trailer shows the two in bed together rather quickly after meeting.

These characters were regularly rotated, often disappearing for long periods during the series.

As soon as we finish, he’ll go straight to the airport and fly back to Savannah, landing around 1 a.m., and by 7 tomorrow morning, he’ll be on set again, alongside the Rock, rescuing people pretending to drown. It’s obvious he’s tired, and I half expect him to order a cheeseburger and a beer and prop up his feet.

Instead, he digs into a small backpack and pulls out a plastic bottle, shakes it up, and sets it on the table.

After talking about his body once more, Efron was forced to reveal and relive the time he broke his hand during a fight scene with co-star Dave Franco — a fracture that somehow came while he was grabbing Franco’s testicles.

“Those Franco brothers have balls of steel,” Efron said wistfully.

Inside is a yellow-brown liquid with a foamy head, comprising ingredients typed onto a label by his on-set nutritionist: mango, coconut, and lemongrass with coconut water, virgin coconut oil, Epic protein, and almond milk.

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