When to become exclusive dating

In fact, slowing things down often gets him to woo you even more!Just be sure to give him lots of positive feedback.

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You can’t sit back, and use different phrases like, “time will tell,” or “in time it will happen,” or “have patience,” and don’t you just love this one, “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.” There gets to be a point for couples when enough is enough, and you need to figure out what you want to do, either be with a person and commit to them, or move on.

And, you’re busy with work and other commitments, so you rationalize you don’t have time to keep playing the field. The social, fun loving guy seems to drink just a little bit too much. Even if he asks you to be exclusive right away or says he isn’t dating others, continue to keep your options open.

Maybe it just feels so right that you both agree to be exclusive with one another after a few dates. This is so important because it enables you to compare and contrast different men so you can truly find the best guy for you.

You are more able to spot red flags when you take your time getting to know someone.

And, this slower process enables you to break patterns of attracting commitmentphobes who come on strong then bolt.

If you've met someone that makes everyone else you're going out with pale in comparison, you're probably considering how to negotiate the potentially awkward discussion of becoming exclusive with each other; in other words, a couple.

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