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Ke Ranger then waits for for three days before connecting with command and control (C2) servers over the Tor anonymizer network.

The malware then begins encrypting certain types of document and data files on the system.

The Ke Ranger application was signed with a valid Mac app development certificate; therefore, it was able to bypass Apple’s Gatekeeper protection.

If a user installs the infected apps, an embedded executable file is run on the system.

When we identified the issue, the infected DMG files were still available for downloading from the Transmission site (hxxps://download.transmissionbt.com/files/Transmission-2.90[.]dmg) Transmission is an open source project.

It’s possible that Transmission’s official website was compromised and the files were replaced by re-compiled malicious versions, but we can’t confirm how this infection occurred.

Latest Updates: 08/23/2017: The AIR System will be off-line for scheduled maintenance during the following time periods: • August 24, 2017, starting at p.m. 3/27/2017: An internal error occurred March 25 – 26, 2017, which may have caused your transmission to be rejected erroneously.

If the status has not changed, please contact the help desk at 866-937-4130.

While it is not a recall, it is important that you visit a Chevrolet dealer as soon as possible to have the work performed.

07/07/2017: The Year 2017 schemas, business rules and crosswalk have been posted to the AIR Schemas/Business Rules page.

If you received “An unexpected error occurred", please resubmit this transmission using the following instructions: Resubmit the transmissions with the following in the Manifest: See the Year 2015 Information page for how to generate tax year 2015 forms.

FCA’s new nine-speed transmission is designed to help vehicles achieve great fuel economy while providing excellent drivability.

In theory, the unit works well, but with the improper electronic controls, things don’t go so smoothly.

On March 4, we detected that the Transmission Bit Torrent client installer for OS X was infected with ransomware, just a few hours after installers were initially posted.

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