Updating expression engine


For example, authors in the case of written documents, artists, photographers, or illustrators in the case of visual resources.

Imports are set-up using a simple step-by-step module. Subsequent runs of the import can update values that have changed, along with even more features. Import different types of data to a variety of fields.

Entries can be filtered by channel, status, sticky state, author, category, number of entries displayed by page, etc.No crazy new features or anything, just some general housekeeping by putting the action items on the left, the config on the right, and refreshed the blocks of content with some actionable pieces of information.The control panel is now fully responsive, so using your mobile device to make an update won't be as annoying.Loading entry specific meta will override these values with the exception of site title.The site title will be appended to the template specific meta title. Google displays the description in its search results under the page title.To display correctly in Google search results, the description should be no longer than 150 characters. Keywords are not used by any of the major search engines, however they do make you focus on your content.

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