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The life story of Albert Einstein, one of history's greatest minds.

Plot: Set in the 1980s, this series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations directly confront the corporate behemoths of the time.

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1x7 -- Nov 16, 2016 -- T-h-a--Thanksgiving1x8 -- Nov 30, 2016 -- R-a-y-c--Ray-Cation1x9 -- Dec 07, 2016 -- S-l--Sled H-o--Hockey1x10 -- Dec 14, 2016 -- C-h-o--Choir1x11 -- Jan 04, 2017 -- R-o--Road T-r--Trip1x12 -- Jan 11, 2017 -- H-e-r-- Hero1x13 -- Jan 18, 2017 -- S-i - Sick D-a-- Day1x14 -- Feb 08, 2017 -- V-a-l-- Valentine's D-a-- Day1x15 -- Feb 15, 2017 -- T-h-- The C-l-- Club1x16 -- Feb 22, 2017 -- O-s-- Oscar P-a-- Party1x17 -- Mar 08, 2017 -- S-u-r-- Surprise1x18 -- Mar 15, 2017 -- D-i - Ding1x19 -- Apr 05, 2017 -- C-h-- Cheater!

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Maya Di Meo is a mom on a mission who will do anything for her husband Jimmy, her kids Ray, Dylan, and JJ, her eldest son with cerebral palsy.

No longer plugged in, the group must navigate this new society and learn to live without the comforts of 2015 like social media, Wi-Fi, indoor plumbing, and Chipotle.

After a plane crashes on a remote island, two best friends, and a diverse group of survivors cope with dangerous threats (many of which they cause).

Plot: Manhunt: Unabomber follows Jim Fitzgerald, the FBI agent who tracked down Ted Kaczynksi, aka the “Unabomber,” and brought him to justice through his expertise in profiling and linguistics.

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