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Use the article a before words pronounced with a beginning consonant sound, including a pronounced h, a long u and the word one. The two common forms of abbreviations are acronyms, initialisms and truncations. Abbreviations are more commonly used in tabular material and technical writing.

Examples: a historian, a horse, a hysterical joke, a union, such a one as this. Words can also be abbreviated if they fall in the following categories: The use of periods and capital letters vary extensively. The addition of punctuation following an abbreviation at the end of the sentence is acceptable with it is punctuation other than a period. (See entries for academic degrees, acronyms, buildings, initialism, states, tabular material and truncation.) The discipline in which the degree was earned also remains lowercase.

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At Kumon, kids get “money” to spend on prizes if they answer practice questions correctly.When an article appears before an abbreviation, acronym or numeral, choose one based upon pronunciation. abbreviations An abbreviation is any shortened version of a word or phrase. MD and RN are the two degrees most often needed to clarify a person's position of medical authority.If listing a degree is necessitated by the audience and the degree is listed after a name, it must be set off with commas.To get similar effects when you're short on time, Strong suggests repeating this phrase to yourself: “I choose to be in control.Remembering what I studied is okay with me.” This is essentially a practice of positive affirmation.And few would argue that chocolate is a pretty sweet reward. Most people think of hypnosis as a form of entertainment — most hypnosis performances involve making people moo like a cow or act out a scenario for an audience. Why it works: Eileen Strong, a teacher and public speaker trained in clinical-therapeutic hypnosis, explains the science behind it all.

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