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The gay character has sparked calls among some conservative groups elsewhere for the film to be boycotted. Malaysian Censorship Board chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said the movie has been given a P13 classification, meaning parental guidance is advisable for children under 13 years, after a "gay moment" was cut. Starring Emma Watson as young Belle who falls in love with the Beast, it is one of the most talked about Hollywood movies of the spring."Decision on classification and clearance was given a week ago," he told Reuters. According to some box office analysts, it could bring in upwards of 0 million in North America on its opening weekend Malaysia has previously blocked the release of Hollywood movies deemed religiously insensitive, such as 1998's "The Prince of Egypt", which depicted the Biblical story of Moses, and 1995's "Babe", which featured a pig as the main character. The postponement has sparked an outcry among some Malaysian film fans.Public Demonstrations: Local law prohibits non-Malaysians from participating in public protests.While most protests in Malaysia are peaceful, even peaceful demonstrations can turn confrontational and escalate into violence with little or no warning.“If we are to observe, the situation in cases involving children is unique.“For example, in the case of a child who faces sexual abuse at the age of 16 and the case prolongs until the child is 18 and becomes an adult, the feeling to adduce evidence dissipates,” he said.

The MP made the comments yesterday during a debate on amendments to domestic violence legislation.Major cinema chains in Muslim-majority Malaysia have postponed the release of Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", cleared by censors after a "gay moment" was cut, due to "unforeseen circumstances".The Walt Disney Co film has courted controversy after the director, Bill Condon, first announced that it would feature a gay character - Le Fou, the goofy sidekick to main villain Gaston - for the first time in Disney's history.All these are types of psychological and emotional abuse.'But critics were fast to brand Jusoh's remarks 'ridiculous'.Marina Mahathir, a prominent women's rights activist, said the lawmaker's view was 'based on ignorance'.'Women have a right to say no to sex - this is an old notion that when you marry a women you own her body,' she told AFP. It is ridiculous to say men are abused if women say no to sex.'The lawmaker from Terengganu state in Malaysia's Muslim heartland, also said that denying a Muslim man the chance to marry a second wife amounted to abuse.A Malaysian lawmaker has been accused of ignorance after he claimed that women who deny their husbands sex were subjecting them to 'psychological and emotional abuse'.

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