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Every day we’re seeing some kid running rampant in a school.

And do you know what the gun lobby’s response to Newtown was?

Oh, and as of today, my You Tube Channel stats are up to 1,089,950 minutes watched and 937,714 views. Woody Allen, Moran Atias, Alec Baldwin, Roseanne Barr, Kim Basinger, Angela Bassett, Jamie Bell, Mayim Bialik, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Kate Bosworth, Lorraine Bracco, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Bridges, Adam Brody, Albert Brooks, Zlatko Buric, Gerard Butler, Rose Byrne, Lizzy Caplan, Patricia Clarkson, Glenn Close, Laverne Cox, Billy Crudup, Penélope Cruz, Rory Culkin, Willem Dafoe, Paul Dalio, Rosario Dawson, Robert De Niro, Kirsten Dunst, Aaron Eckhart, Peter Facinelli, Michael Fassbender, Abel Ferrara, Ralph Fiennes, Isla Fisher, Ciaran Foy, James Franco, Antoine Fuqua, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julia Garner, Paul Giamatti, Alex Gibney, Terry Gilliam, Domhnall Gleeson, Shep Gordon, Ryan Gosling, Maggie Grace, Maggie Gyllenhaal Paul Haggis, Tom Hardy, Lucas Hedges, Katherine Heigl, Jonah Hill, Emile Hirsch, Katie Holmes, Gavin Hood, Vanessa Hudgens, Holly Hunter, Oscar Isaac, Allison Janney, Richard Jenkins, Felicity Jones, Jason Katims, Zoe Kazan, Catherine Keener, Jack Kesy, Sir Ben Kingsley, Luke Kirby, Kevin Kline, Steven Knight, Shia La Beouf, Christine Lahti, Peter Landesman, Frank Langella, Jill Larson, Juliette Lewis, Liana Liberato, Ray Liotta, Justin Long, Kevin Macdonald, Dylan Mc Dermott, Mads Mikkelsen, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Erroll Morris, David Morse, Viggo Mortensen, Cillian Murphy, Kumail Nanjiani Edward James Olmos, Elizabeth Olsen, Ellen Page, Josh Pais, Vanessa Paradis, Nate Parker, Aaron Paul, Bernadette Peters, Oliver Platt, Carrie Preston, Richard Pryor, Jr., Kathleen Quinlan, Daniel Radcliff, James Ransone, Jeremy Renner, Jason Ritter, Eric Roberts, Ray Romano, Paul Rudd, Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Peter Sarsgaard, John Sayles, Liev Schreiber, Adam Scott, Kristin Scott Thomas, Michael Shannon, Alia Shawkat, Alexander Skarsgard, Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, Steven Spielberg, Kristen Stewart, Sir Patrick Stewart, Jerry Stiller, Juno Temple, Fred Thompson, Uma Thurman, Lily Tomlin, John Turturro, Sofia Vergara, Alicia Vikander, Sam Waterston, Naomi Watts, Forest Whitaker, Michael K.

HBO is giving the documentary treatment to Steven Spielberg.

“Our relationship was not the basis for a storyline in my novel,” she admits.

“But like most fiction, stories are a pinch of the writer’s experience and a part their imagination.” actor was when they met up in a bookstore after she discovered he was in town.

' laughs Liam Neeson, 62, acknowledging his role in reshaping today’s new breed of bus-pass-carrying action hero. “The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying.

” he asks, referring to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which left 20 children dead in December 2012.“The National Rifle Association’s official response was ‘If that teacher had been armed…’ It’s crazy.

I’ll give Britain its dues, when they had the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, within 24 hours the gun laws were changed so you could not have a handgun.”Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, but a resident of New York, Neeson became a US citizen five years ago in the wake of the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, in a freak skiing accident in 2009.

Don't worry, we got you; we've compiled a list of movie lines that always serve us well.

If you're lucky, your girl hasn't seen a lot of flicks and thinks you're a poet.

Every once in a while a person just has to scream it loud, “I’m a journo and I’m proud!

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