Is jillian michaels dating

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In a world where fitness guru Jillian Michaels stylized her marriage-proposal video like a movie trailer, her girlfriend Heidi Rhoades would make a decision that would change their lives forever. ) The former "Biggest Loser" trainer's creative marriage proposal, screened in a private theater about four months ago, had been a secret until she was spotted wearing a ring of her own, Michaels told her Twitter followers Tuesday.

A source previously told People that Jillian wanted to 'distance herself from The Biggest Loser brand' as a result of the controversy - which the show awkwardly avoided commenting on following the finale.

Jillian adopted a little girl from Haiti, Lukensia, and they bring the children up together.

The photo taken in Malibu shows them all as a happy family.

The cinematic proposal reached a larger audience Tuesday night, when it aired during the "Just Jillian" season finale.

"This is thoughtful, it's sentimental and something that took some time," Michaels said of the video, according to the "Just Jillian" website.

Michaels asked Rhoades to marry her in an adorable video that she made for her that symbolized the life they built together, showing her that all the good things in her life were because of her. Heidi made it no mystery that she longed to be Jillian’s wife, and couldn’t fathom why it wasn’t important to Michaels.

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