Intimidating girl team names


Nicknames should also be at least a little intimidating, so ‘Ducks’ is out, but conversely teams shouldn’t overvalue the intimidation factor of a image on a jersey, like the Predators do. You know what in northern Florida, right near Jacksonville, though? Augustine, the oldest European settlement in the New World. You know what would make a great name: the Florida Conquistadores. Turns out, however, that Nashville is the ‘Athens of the South’ so how about Gladiators. Kings: Again, what does that have to do with anything?Finally, I believe that sports should be an escape and a source of entertainment, therefore team names should’t offend anyone. [button color=”blue” link=””]NFL[/button] Redskins: Obviously, this is the first thing on our list. Yes, its a mouthful, but it’s cool and still not as bad as the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cardinals: Again, what do Cardinals have to do with Arizona? There are a bunch of cool desert names to choose from but those are kind of generic and boring. If your team is going to represent your region or city, why wouldn’t you want a name that depicts some aspect of the character of that place? Fans could wave duct tape in the air after goals or something. Honorable Mentions: Panthers (I don’t know, something better than Panthers) [button color=”blue” link=””]MLB[/button] Before we start we have to cover the Reds, Red Sox, and White Sox. At this point they are so old that they have developed a regional identity even if they are colors and/or articles of clothing. Indians: Almost as bad as Redskins (you’ll notice that Blackhawks and Chiefs did not make the list.I have seen a team called Gone Fishin’ because of the time they spend in the net. You could go for a team name that is supposed to intimidate the other team.I have seen a name like Above The Net or Kill Shot.It’s really not as cute as you think it is for anyone over about 8 years old.As your softball teams start getting up in age level and competitiveness you really need a team name that matches your swagger.It’s confusing and the parents and supporters REALLY get tired of having to buy new hoodies, t-shirts, ball bags etc. The reverse of that would be any combination of red, white and blue. They are also the most overused in sports in my opinion.

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Or, maybe you want a name that has a play on words with volleyball terms.Not to mention all the spirit gear moms, dads, grandparents and coaches will be wearing with the team names on them.My general rule of thumb is that a softball team name shouldn’t be something you would be embarrassed to have your preacher or your grandmother wearing on a t-shirt. Cute little 6 year olds in pig tails can pull off the cute names like Little Divas or Diamond Princesses. On the other hand do you really want a bunch of 10 year olds running around with “Brat Pack” on their softball jerseys? While it may be okay to be the Little Cutie Pie Lady Bugs when you’re a 6U softball team, it doesn’t really strike fear in the hearts of your opponents when you’re 14U.‘Rangers’ for a New York team is dumb because it’s meaningless. and 2) since the time the name was picked, we have learned a lot more about Velociraptors. Here’s the thing: the name made sense when they were the Minnesota Lakers–Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Predators sounds like the name of a generic Disney movie team.

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