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It’s important that you keep this password a secret from your kids, because with it they – or anyone with access to your machine – could wreak very real havoc, since they would have complete access to all your settings and data.

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There are significant dangers out there: the online world is a new place to be concerned about what your kids are up to, and we’ve all heard too many stories already of youngsters getting into trouble online.

This group has been brilliant, I’ve been able to ask others for advice or guidance as well as just have a rant here and there and others truly do understand where I’m coming from.

I can share my lows and highs and I know I’m not judged (even if I do go on) This group has guided me so much and helped me through dark times!

I also feel as we are all one big happy family, and when my daughter achieves long awaited milestones I find that I can’t wait to share them with all too. I also love that what’s shared is soley private, and not shared.

My family attended our first meet Sunday funded by Hemi Chat and it was brilliant meeting the faces behind names and other children.

The first thing to say is that you’re well-served by creating separate user accounts for your children – maybe one for each if you have a few (that could reduce some fighting, I expect!

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