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Norway remains an easy place to do business in with prevalence of an efficient regulatory regime, developed infrastructure, flexible labour market and strong rule of law.

Furthermore, a planned reduction of the corporate tax rate is expected to make ...

Norway Statistics, Consumer Lifestyles in Norway Norway Country Briefings, Future Demographics: Norway in 2030 Growth of Norway’s per capita disposable income and spending eased in 2016, due to the effect of trends in global oil prices on the country’s economic activity.

Norway boasts high levels of average disposable income and a small income gap, although ...

Soldering iron, hot air rework station and DC power supply are using independent dual-core micro-controller, which means they can work independently, when the problem occurs on one tool it does not affect the others. Soldering iron hot air rework used for sensor closed loop circuit, micro-computer zero trigger-controlled temperatre, LED display.

Larger power, temperature heating goes up quickly, temperature accuracy and stability, avoid to airflow impact, its really come ture lead-free soldering and desoldering.

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The products uses double-side fiberglass circuit board material, the components installation processes are performed orderly to ensure the clarity of electric signal floe.

The most notable development across computer types in 2017 was, despite volume declines, a rise in the average unit price of laptops, desktops and tablets.

Overall reasons for the increase were the continued unfavourable development of the domestic ...

Show respect for the environment and keep safety in mind to enjoy the famous right to roam.

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Prepare for a trip in a country with a lot of space.

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