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A patchwork of ideas woven together with childlike abandon, it’s bewitching yet fun, marrying raps about getting “bubblegum stuck to their trainers” with glockenspiel solos, saxophone intros and playground chants – as if their school was run by Kate Bush on ’s Summerisle. If the glacial, gothic nature of their music wasn’t eerie enough, Let’s Eat Grandma’s presence adds to the unease.As soon as the pair step onto the stage bathed in dark-blue light, with their long sweeping hair evident in silhouette form, there is more than a touch of the girls from about them as they stare vacantly into the distance, a feeling which is exacerbated when they turn to pat-a-cake handclap each other.When the music comes together, as it does on the woozy, synthy “Sink” and the closing “Donnie Darko”, an ambitious, multi-faceted track taking in The xx-style guitars and sweeping organ sounds, the results are breathtaking. Technical issues hit album highlight “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms” and not all of their ideas stick: save a rattle of noise midway through, “Chocolate Sludge Cake” is undercooked, meandering aimlessly and tunelessly for far too long.But this was a captivating show from a band whose potential is undoubted.I can tell you how to find her if you still don’t know. Anyway, they are rich, single, and looking for fun.

Two near-identical 17-year-old girls from Norwich obsessed with tree houses, horror films and the recorder; making wraithlike, experimental pop about dead cats, ? Friends since the age of four, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have been making music since they were 13 and the bond is evident: the pair have created their own, self-contained world on forthcoming debut album, , a record which stands alone – unlike anything you’ll hear this year.

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She enabled us – and she should be awarded for that - to flirt with London demoiselles with complete self-confidence. Nevertheless, however much this article was hilarious and light-hearted, I found that it was dramatically unfair if British guys were not given such useful tips to date a French girl.

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