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Financial responsibility rated higher than several other important qualities, as 67 percent say a sense of humor is very or extremely important, 51 percent say attractiveness, 50 percent say ambition, 42 percent say courage and 39 percent say modesty.

Both women and men value financial responsibility, as 77 percent of women and 61 percent of men say financial responsibility is a very or extremely important quality in a potential partner.

All the respondents maintained an active online dating profile, or met their partner through a dating app or platform.

The findings revealed that money is an awkward topic to discuss — although the ins and outs of prospective partners' finances is a source of intense interest.

What does good credit suggest about a potential date?

When asked to identify characteristics of someone with a good credit score, 73 percent of survey respondents said responsible, 40 percent said trustworthy and 38 percent said smart.

Yes, good credit is an attribute that has become worth shouting about on dating websites.

Likewise, 50 percent think a good credit score is more attractive than an impressive job title, and 40 percent favor a good score over a physically fit body. “When it comes to dating, a good credit score ups your mate value, helping you win a responsible, long-term partner, more so than some other qualities that online daters might highlight on their profile.

“If you have a good credit score, flaunt it,” says Dr. Money talks, but your credit score can speak more about who you are as a person, and singles agree that those with good credit tend to be conscientious and reliable.” A credit score is a measure of financial responsibility, which 69 percent of survey respondents say is a very or extremely important quality when looking for a person to date.

Likes running, tennis, traveling, and sipping tea in front of a roaring fire. They wouldn’t exist at all if not for a burgeoning trend where mate seekers long for a peek under your balance sheet before they peek under anything else.

(MORE: The Top 5 Tech Business Stories of 2012) Never mind that these sites don’t appear to be attracting a lot of traffic.

Any score below 660 is a red flag; anything above 800 is considered stellar.

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