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This is partly to ensure you smile to the right person when they enter the venue, and partly to make sure you didn't make a huge mistake and go out with someone who can hide their fugz really well.99% of the time, if two gay dudes are going out on a date, they either met on Grindr, online, drunk as tits at a club, or got set up through a friend. Only a weirdo would actually remember a half-hour text-versation from two days ago, right?Organically meeting someone at a party or the like is simply super rare in the kingdom of gay. Say it's stereotypical, but there are a few things almost every gay dude watches. Other queer-centric shows like American Horror Story and (much to my chagrin) Sex and the City are examples.Having fixed ideas of what you want – which usually boil down to looks and little else – could be standing in your way of meeting some great guys.It’s time to think outside the box, look past the beards or muscles, and take chances.No matter your gender or sexual orientation, dating can seem like a minefield.Sometimes we meet the wrong people, choose a bad venue or fall head over heels with someone who just wants to be friends.

I see him scan me as my raised T-shirt exposes me right up to the neck, but spot neither a flicker of appreciation nor revulsion. He says he knows a little place that we can walk to, and so we set off along streets I don't know.

Being charming via text doesn’t always equate to having chemistry in person, and far too often gay men read too much into text messaging only to be let down by the real thing.

Call him if you want to chat for a bit before meeting, but don’t continue to text after you have made plans for the first date. They know the parts of you that take years to learn.

After his most recent text message, which tells me he's available again four months after our first date proved to be a dead end, I surprise myself by not bothering to ask what went wrong with the guy he chose over me. I'm afraid that it may have been something ridiculously trivial, and want to spare myself the worry that I too may be eventually cast aside over some trifling matter.

The texts between us have been spirited and friendly.

Note: if you want my panties to drop, just mention Buffy.

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