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The Roving Caregivers Programme is a non-formal, integrated programme of child development and parenting education provided through a home-visiting service.

It can also mean a game - life's game, how to see through today to meet tomorrowand all the games of life as in "life is just a ketchy-chuby game." (29)"What sweet nanny goat a go run him belly" is a cautionary Jamaican proverb which translated means: What tastes good to a goat will ruin his belly. East African warriors who resisted colonial domination3. by some strange extension, the female organ, often simply called "sal".

(5)verb (cotch up), to support something else, as with a forked stick; to balance something or place it temporarily; to beg someone a cotch, can be a place on a crowded bus seat or bench; or it may mean to cotch a while, to stay somewhere temporarily. Some higglers, however, do not make trips out of the country to buy goods, but sell the goods that others import.

(5)to cut your eye at somebody is a very common means of expressing scorn or contempt, for example; one catches the other person's eye, then deliberately turns one's own eyes as an insult. The connection between higglers and dancehall culture is crucial as they form one of the strongest international links between JA, North America, and the Caribbean.

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