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Louise has gone above & beyond in creating an Inviting Environment at Soulful, with a Warm & Friendly Atmosphere.I’ve been a member of Soulful Encounters for many years now.It seemed too good to be true, which is probably why the feeling didn’t last long. The more I thought about his “laziness” explanation (which was quite a lazy one at that; irony, anyone? I’ve never understood why it sounded like such a tall order coming from me when millions of other women ask for the same thing.), the more it started to seem like one of those Warhead candies I used to love as a child. There’s this misconception that love and having a romantic relationship isn’t something women with disabilities need.Well, this was a first, so feeling a bit bold, I asked him to guest-post from the male perspective on a question that has nagged me since my days in high school when I’d look at other girls and how the guys easily flocked to them.The question: Why are guys so reluctant to date – at the very least, approach – a woman with a disability? We have the same wants, passions, desires and (gasp! I’ve seen the stares from guys — and I’m not talking about seductive stares either, here.

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“The figures look shocking but when I started to think about it, it makes sense,” says Renke.Before she grants a person access on the site, she goes through a screening process & does registration over the phone, to help weed~out all the riff~raff & kooks one can find on the net; monitoring conversation & interacting with each person randomly, without being intrusive.When she does discover negative or suspicious activity by someone, that person is pulled aside & talked to by Louise herself, given a few chances to change their ways, & if things still continue, they are removed. This bone and muscular disorder has resulted in more than 26 surgeries to correct joint contractures, scoliosis and to straighten my leg muscles. After a bit of friendly Twirting (flirting via Twitter, the equivalent of computer footsie), he said he thought I was pretty funny too and even admitted to being a bit intimidated when I told him how strong my physical disability, Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, had made my arms. Many disabled people have found friends, acceptance and even love on our site.

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