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Sedaris might be at least partly kidding, but as a proud single woman living alone in Manhattan for over a decade, she’s clearly a little biased toward her lifestyle choice.

Let there be no doubt that a lot of people have fun at hockey games at Madison Square Garden — and that some of those people are celebrities. Here is a hug at a New York Rangers game from Susan Sarandon: This is important: A fun night doesn’t happen on paper.

I'm not a big clown person, and there's an evil demon clown. The city is just so energetic and the people there — it's just got this energy that I don't think any other city can match.

There's a scene where he grabs the kid and pulls him through the sewer. JW: I looked at the one thing and it was like, "Do you drink coffee? " And I was like, yep, pretty much on a daily basis. JW: I think it would be easier to deal with zombeavers, but it'd be more fun to deal with zombies. I think if my best friend would turn into a zombie, I would keep him hostage in a way and just like that chick on Walking Dead.

June 16,1994, on a train travelling from Budapest, 23-year-old Sorbonne student Celine sits near Jesse, a heartbroken backpacker on his way to Vienna to catch a flight home to America.

He’s reading Klaus Kinski’s memoir has spawned an unlikely movie trilogy.

JW: Someone who I really respect as an actor and an artist and I also respect his ability to ride through his career kind of under the radar.

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