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After childbearing, working mothers gave priority to distance from work (81.0%), salary (68.7%), and work pressure (49.7%).

included one-hour off for breastfeeding each day, no termination of employment contract, no business trips and no over time.

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But, it is always better to find a partner for yourself near your locality as a relationship always needs time to grow.

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Before childbearing, women in the workplace were more concerned about salary (76.5%), work environment (46.4%), and distance from work (45.9%) when selecting employers.

Online dating, online flirting and online hot chats are the trends that are followed by people today.

This beautiful and enchanting planet of ours would seem to be dull and colorless if it was devoid of the feeling called “Love”. Right from the way people dress to the way of working, everything has undergone innumerable changes over a period of time.

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Technology has made the world a small place to live in.

More than 40,200 people participated in this survey this year.

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