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For each city, the site listed the best date spots for the following categories: Dime Saver Destination, Nerdy Pickup Spot, No-Bro Sports Bar, Instagram Filtered Bar, Best Bathroom for Sex, Spot That Gets the Sex Started, Classic Local Spot, Well-Hidden Haunt, Boozy Date Spot, Ass-Kicking Locale, Open-Air Option, Intellectual Attraction.

And the decision to take a city-by-city approach to the campaign, along with including categories like Best Bathroom for Sex, seems to have paid off – the PR push seeing a solid uptake among local news sites like SFGate, Philly Voice, Time Out Los Angeles, Time Out New York, Observer and Austin360.

Consider this scenario – You are at a bar with someone you have just met.

You are into them and desperately trying to pique his/her interest. Both scenarios require a calculated approach, suave communication, and on-point messaging. As a PR or content marketing professional, you need to figure out how to make journalists like you and want to work with you.

PR is about building real relationships with journalists. Walk over, look them straight in the eye and, "Hi, would you like to go to bed with me? Yea, not really how it works in the real world is it? Don't ask them for anything, just let them know who you are. Something like: Hey Brian, I've been developing apps and software for different companies for 15 years, and all the while have been a reader of Super App Digest.

Becoming friendly with them before you just go asking them for something. Lately I've decided to strike out on my own with an idea I came up with.

When once micro-communities were co-ops and communes, they now have evolved into groups of similar-minded individuals gathered to share resources and activities (often found through online communities).

As we prospect for leads we can find similar communities that aggregates potential relationships with journalists, editors, community managers, and website admins.

In collaboration with Foursquare, the Match Group-owned dating brand released a date guide for 10 cities across the US based on recommendations by the Ok Cupid community.Flip to dating – you want your date to like you and want to be with you.Though the outcomes are very different the approach is similar.Most notable are the common words found in tweets mentioning OKCupid and Tinder.In terms of word associations mentioned in tweets, appears the most popular in terms of positivity compared to Tinder, POF and e Harmony...the week of May 1, 2017Ready to hop off the proverbial catwalk?

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