Dating site only attractive people allowed


has been hacked with user data posted online, security researchers have found.

When security researcher Chris Vickery informed According to Hunt the available data includes: "Beauty ratings, Car ownership statuses, Dates of birth, Drinking habits, Education levels, Email addresses, Genders, Geographic locations, Home ownership statuses, Income levels, IP addresses, Job titles, Names, Passwords, Personal descriptions, Personal interests, Physical attributes, Sexual preferences, Smoking habits, Website activity".

) that guest will be let in to mingle with the BP only if they pass muster with the on-site Beauty Police. Door people who will determine on the spot if you are good looking enough to enter.

(Exceptions made for people who may not be 10’s, but who are rich.) Obviously.

The Beautiful People dating website, on which existing members vet new applicants based on their appearance, was launched in Denmark in 2002.

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If you want to be judged by others on your appearance alone than this nightclub, soon to open in Hollywood, is for you.The website, which only allows members who are "voted in" by those of the opposite sex, was hacked last December.Data stolen in the breach is now being sold online, including sexual preferences, relationship status, income, addresses and more.With Beautiful, the largest community of exclusively attractive people in the world, that concern goes away because beauty is in the eye of the voter.A dating site where current members vote in new members based on their appearance and basic profile information, Beautiful People makes sure users only see men and women who they may find attractive.Mock-up images of the elitist club, which is touted for its early 2017 launch, have been released.

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