Dating silvertone amp


The Silvertone name adorned instruments and amplifiers from several different manufacturers over the years, including Danelectro, Valco, National, Harmony, Thomas, Kay and Teisco.

The guitars, especially the 1960s models, are frequently prized by collectors today.

The inner working may have been slightly different, but they were well made.

In the 1960’s we had no internet, no, no Musicians Friend.

Some lucky folks got both Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs.

My friends and I would head right to the guitar advertisements that promised, “a professional sounding instrument made of the finest birch.” The electric guitars were generally made by Harmony, Valco or Kay.

The bulk of Sears' amps (and certainly most everyone's favorites) were those great sounding, stylish, funky sound machines manufactured by Danelectro.

Browse around and enjoy yourself; check out some old favorite guitars and amps, find out more about the history of some true American originals: the Silvertone line of musical instruments and electronics, marketed by the Sears & Roebuck Company for over half a century.

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Looking back, there were some other fine amplifiers that were probably in the same price that came with finer construction, but a Silvertone amplifier was so accessible.From the dawn of amplification when the number of tubes and rectifiers was the badge of quality (in the catalog descriptions, anyway), through the advent of the transistor, where 'instant-on' was the big deal, Silvertone amplifiers provided players with the extra volume and distinctive tone they needed, at a Sears Roebuck easy payment price.How many newspapers were delivered to pay for a Silvertone amplifier?Original and mint condition will catch the highest values for your instruments.If the guitar has been altered, it can depreciate the value of the guitar tremendously.Pete Townshend used them in live performance with The Who for the purpose of smashing them (after he'd played them.) Jack White of The White Stripes frequently uses vintage Silvertone amplifiers.

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