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ili nam se dogodi pad – uvijek postoji želja da idemo naprijed u bolje sutra. I svaki od tih trenutaka je onaj zbog kojeg volimo...U ovoj sezoni Radili smo sa rediteljsko-fotografskim duom Santiago & Mauricio kako bismo stvorili predivne i upečatljive fotografije na kojima je proizvod u prvom planu uz neizostavan zaokret ka tradicionalnim advertajzing fotogrfijamanam predstavlja komentar na sliku koju industrija nameće uz izvesnu dozu zabave.Santiago & Mauricio su ovekovečili Dieselov rock style interpretiran kroz prizmu popa a garderoba poprima obrise uniforme uz snažan uticaj 90-tih.When the "The One That Could Have Been" was divided into two parts for syndication, a sequence was added that had the ending credits superimposed. No, they're ongoing, sometimes stagnating, sometimes changing. This show is about 6 people who love each other like family...which I must say as an 18 year old... Once you hit your late teens - early twenties...things begin to change.It shows fat Monica dancing to some music while eating some food. You grow both closer to and further from your biological family, and as you reach more independence, you adopt another family of your own: YOUR FRIENDS.Danes sta se na dolgo pot proti Dubrovniku s surfi odpravila dva mlada štajerca Saša in Mario.

New digs and geological dating in Liang Bua Cave, Indonesia, show that Homo floresiensis, nicknamed the “hobbit” for its small size, became extinct around 50,000 years ago – tens of thousands of years earlier than originally thought.

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Some people don't like the show...claiming it to be unrealistic or that the plot lines get boring.

I didn't discover Friends until a year or two ago (thanks to MY friends) but I ADORE the show in syndication and I hope to own the DVDs.

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