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We describe a recently discovered cranium from the Aroeira cave in Portugal dated to around 400 ka.

In the case of Estremoz, the anticline presents in an elliptical shape (45×8 kilometres) stretching on its major axis from the village of Cano in the northeast to the Alandroal Municipality in the southeast.The Aroeira cranium represents a substantial contribution to the debate on the origin of the Neandertals and the pattern of human evolution in the Middle Pleistocene of Europe.The Middle Pleistocene is a crucial time period for studying human evolution in Europe, because it marks the appearance of both fossil hominins ancestral to the later Neandertals and the Acheulean technology.The attitudinal data revealed, however, a general disapproval of violence use.Violence support was higher among males, participants with lower educational and social status and those who had never been involved in a dating relationship.The Atapuerca (SH) fossils and the Swanscombe cranium belong to the Neandertal clade, whereas the Arago hominins have been attributed to an incipient stage of Neandertal evolution, to .

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