Dating nigerian online mate


Someone you know may be dating this guy right now - online- and he's got quite a plan- because he's not just one guy, he's dozens of guys, sitting in a room with a script- cashing in on romantic gullibility. He is a single man, raising his daughter- who is 12-years-old," says Krystene Tucker. Krystene says He quickly moved in- from friendship to romance to a crisis- "Krystene- I really need your help. " My client needs to send me a check." He gave her some convoluted but weakly believable story about being stuck in Nigeria with no way to cash the check. "I would be depositing that check in my account, taking that cash and then going to Western Union and wiring that money to him.The single mother in Mukilteo wasn't even looking for romance, when a mystery man named Redden sought her out in an internet chat room. He said he was in the import-export business and traveled a lot. At this point I knew it was a scam and so I was looking to get something - proof of what he wanted done." So she gave him a fake address and put on her detective hat.I've always been a fan of relationships and I'm happy when I'm able to match two persons up for lasting relationship. I've simply provided a platform for two people with the same desires and dreams to connect, in this case marriage minded singles who make a connection through their profiles on the site, get to know each other better and then decide for themselves that they are compatible and want to make a lasting relationship.Although I don't make that a habit offline since something like that can easily backfire on you if it doesn't work out between two people you help bring together. You set up your own matching criterias when you fill your profile. It's simple and straight forward and it works great.

Never disclose your personal details, such as bank details - this leaves you vulnerable to fraud. It's been my wish and dream for sometime that there be a community strictly for the many marriage minded Nigerian singles out there to meet, find their soul mates and get married.And thank God I was able to bring this dream to a reality."Redden" even went so far as to try to influence what he thought was Krystene's daughter- telling the child her mother needed to send him money to help is own daughter in a Nigerian hospital. When Krystene finally called him on the scam- he was evasive, defiant, and insistant that she had the wrong idea. If you're communicating online with a man who wants a relationship, don't give out any personal information like your address, financial information or personal information about your family.Then finally, something she was not expecting- a threat. Wait for several months, at least to find out more about them.Our singles are quick to find their matches, start a relationship and get engaged because everyone on the site are mature singles looking for marriage so things happen faster, unlike the case with other Nigeria dating sites. Members of conventional dating sites are not exactly raising hands to say: 'Hi, I'm looking for marriage', which is why even with the many Nigerian dating sites out there, finding a suitable mate is still one of the biggest challenges mature single Nigerians face.

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