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Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born August 14, 1947), better known as Danielle Steel, is an American romantic novelist and author of mainstream dramas.Best known for drama and romance novels, Steel has sold more than 800 million copies of her books (as of 2005) worldwide and is the eighth best selling writer of all time, and is currently the bestselling author alive.Her aunt really resnts her deeply, and cuts her off from...The poignant story of a man and a woman meeting the unforeseen challenges of love in our time.It's like watching gorillas for me - I don't get it, but it's somewhat interesting and as long as I don't sprain my eyeballs while rolling them, no one gets hurt.

This was on Saturday (The Rehearsal was Friday, the actual wedding the next morning ).

And just like that, Peter and his thirty-one-year-old lover had made their plans for their future, leaving Paris to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. And Paris was left to figure out how she intended to get through the next day, let alone the rest of her life. Marie-Ange Hawkins has the rich kid's childhood that other kids dream about.

She has freedom, love, security in a beautiful old French chateau.

With two grown children and a lovely home in Connecticut, Paris was happy with her marriage, her family, her life. With her dating track record veering between disappointing and disastrous, and her daughter now engaged to a man Paris's age, Paris finally comes to the conclusion that romance is not in her future.

So when her husband of twenty-four years said they needed to talk, Paris couldn't imagine what he was about to say.'I want a divorce', Peter tells her. It was time to move - as far away as possible, just after Peter remarried. Saying goodbye to the world she knew and loved, Paris heads west, to San Francisco, and discovers being single in a world full of men who were too young, too old, too married, or too good to be true. That's when her small circle of offbeat, loving friends becomes more important than ever before.

I read Danielle Steel novels as if I was an anthropologist studying a foreign tribe.

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