Dating cts pots

For the earlier Dallas Arbiter-era Sound City products, however, the best you can legitimately determine is a range of years during which an amp or cabinet was made based on the eras in which these products appeared.

Lighter weight quilted maple tends to bring out more of the acoustic qualities of the guitar, which can create more complex overtones.The amp has never been serviced and works beautifully, with creamy drive and excellent volume.Tweed is in excellent condition, as are the grill cloth and handle.The Mark 2 designation saw the inclusion of the 200 model along with the L100 Mark 2.Various Mark 3 and Mark 4 PA heads also appeared, as did a few Mark 4-era "slave" heads.Clean finish with minor scuffing on the corners, clean decal, shiny metal parts. It’s an 8” speaker version, with a bigger voice than the earlier 6” models. Light corner wear on the tweed, otherwise in excellent condition.

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