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She even insisted that her time in the music industry will be no help at all - we'll have to wait and see whether she's right.7. She hadn't popped up in many rumours beforehand, so this is quite exciting news (and Naga said she is "equally excited, nervous and scared").She must be a bit used to it by now though as she's known she's doing the show since February.Latin–ballroom dance champion, choreographer, and instructor. He is widely known as one of the professional dancers on the American television series Dancing with the Stars, on which he first appeared in season two.In his 17 seasons as a competing pro on the show, Chmerkovskiy made it to the final round five times, with two runner-up and two third-place finishes.Direction of Television Kevin Lygo was reportedly particularly keen to bring back the programme, which could replace celebrity talent show Dance Dance Dance.When Jayne confirmed the return in May, she revealed her ideal candidate for the show would be footballer Steven Gerrard - however it seems she has now settled for his wife Alex who is on the list for the upcoming series.According to People, Karina's rep confirmed yesterday that the pair have called off their engagement.' Maks, 28, proposed to Karina, 31, in January of this year.

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For the last few days she's been tweeting happily about progress with her new partner Aaron Carter, and three weeks ago she tweeted about how she and Maks were disagreeing over decorating their home. OMG, yesterday, Maks tweeted, "What was meant to be a 'life long book', turned into a 'chapter'......now that 'chapter' is finished......In July they finally set a wedding date of June 2010 when their hectic Broadway schedules reportedly got in the way. "We're rehearsing 14 hours a day."Karina added, "We were supposed to pick the place, but we've never actually had the time to go further [with the plans]."Was the wedding not enough of a priority for Karina?Last March reported that Maks had taken a lead with the planning, and Karina said she'd go along with whatever he wanted.For years she'd laughed off his advances but finally realized she had feelings for him too.The engagement seemed the fairy tale ending to their rapport as colleagues and a fresh, new meaning to the word "partner." So what happened?And he's already showed us his skills in the kitchen thanks to an appearance on fan, too, so perhaps he's been boning up on his paso doble - we think he could end up being a force to be reckoned with. LAURA WHITMORE- so it's no surprise to see her pop up in the confirmed list. Olympics fever might not be sweeping the nation in quite the same way as it did in 2012, but it's still huge - so it's no surprise that the BBC snapped up Ore for host (and KISS FM DJ) Melvin Odoom has signed up to shake his booty on the dancefloor.

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