Conflicts in dating


99 Conflicts also provides tips, special notations and articles on those heavier topics such as conflicts between cultures, bullying, dating and domestic violence.It is available in Spanish and is accompanied by a workbook and journal.

Are there certain subjects that your boyfriend or girlfriend refuses to discuss?How the conflicts get resolved, not how many occur, is the critical factor in determining whether a relationship will be healthy or unhealthy, mutually satisfying or unsatisfying, friendly or unfriendly, deep or shallow, intimate or cold.Conflicts run all the way from minor unimportant differences to critical fights.Families, friendships and employments have been broken or ended over unnecessary conflict that spiraled out of control.99 Conflicts to Avoid helps the reader question what reaction, if any, a situation demands and whether or not the reaction will further escalate the conflict.Neither gets everything he/she wanted, but each gets enough to be satisfied. When the conflict is over an issue that has only two choices, one person will get what he/she wants and the other will not. If you are fair with each other and generally half the time each gets your own way; it will be easier for each of you when you dont.

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