Chen bo lin dating


I couldn't think right If my prediction is scary ......hahhaha Chun Jung-Myung said when he appeared in 'ask me anything' that he accept the role in this film whithout even look at the script because of Ha Ji Won....apart from them both, i will watch this because of Chen Bolin too........And the poster below was released a couple of days afterwards. Part 1 – Habits or not Part 1 focuses on leaving old habits behind.I only saw the poster after I watched this so OKAY THEN I get it. Xiao You (Bolin Chen) and his girlfriend Ke Ke (Nikki Shao) have been together for three years. He can’t help but feel some doubts about their relationship.Plus I’m surprised they released all three parts at the same time, without much prior promotion at all?The official Cornetto website hasn’t updated since last year either.For years, the media had speculated whether there was something more between Bolin Chen and his real life BFF – Gwei Lun Mei. Bolin was there to promote his new film “Machi Action”, while the other two guests, Jaycee Chan and Amber Kuo were there to promote their new film “Love Speaks”. This is when they haven’t seen each other for a while… one month They even have to add in a ‘MMMMMM’ as they do this, expressing how much emotion there is in each greeting. *dies of laughter* Amber: I really feel their relationship is beyond lovers, their love is very… Like when I’m chatting with Jaycee, within ten sentences there will be one or two about Bolin. When hanging in mid air, they have to answer a question about the other, if they get the question wrong, the wire will pull them up. I felt really bad for him because he came from Taipei, didn’t know Cantonese, first time filming in Mainland China… Question to Jaycee: What is Bolin’s favourite type of housework? Question to Bolin: What is the one flaw Jaycee cannot tolerate in a girlfriend?

The results are splendid on both fronts: Having concocted a delightfully convoluted backstory for Chrysanthemum Lake involving a female freedom fighter from the 1911 Chinese Revolution and intergalactic star alignments, scripter Lee comes up with an equally wacky tale about a secret hammer buried in faraway Wunan that might just be able to set Kiki free.Earlier, Jackie Chan revealed that since his drug arrest, Jaycee did not dare to meet up with anyone.However, Bolin said that he had met up with him and Kai in Taiwan, and said, “They are fine.” Bolin also believed that there would be a chance to film a movie with his good friends in future.Bolin has been busy filming since last week, and only had 8 hours of sleep in 3 days.When he flew back to Taiwan yesterday, he felt very unwell as he had gone without sleep for 30 hours.Early in the morning, Bolin immediately went to a hospital for a IV drip. Reproduction or reposting this article on other websites is STRICTLY prohibited.

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