Chatham girl cam

Their bodies were found late Saturday night inside their home near 83rd and Drexel in the East Chatham neighborhood.(WGN-TV) Autopsies will be done today to find the cause of death of a South Side mother and her three young sons.Leon Ervin got up Sunday morning and got ready to go to church.

She can shoot and field dress a deer, then drag it back to camp.

Miss Chatham's character plays a wise woman that knows a lot, and helps Emma, Cleo and Rikki with important things.

She and her friends, Gracie and Julia, promised each other to keep the secret of being mermaids, until Julia's boyfriend, Karl appeared.

But as the TV-watching world will soon witness, Coffee made her hardest slog on an episode of “Naked and Afraid,” the Discovery Channel survival show that drops a pair of strangers into the exotic wilderness minus their clothing, then films them barbecuing snakes and crafting coconut-shell brassieres with their naughty bits blurred out.

As the show’s oldest female star, Coffee said her family supported this adventure so avidly that her mother held the camera for a casting interview.

Louise Chatham was one of the three original mermaids in 1955.

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