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Here you will find a list of random roulette webcam chat sites just like Chatroulette that actually don’t disappear – hurray! i Meetzu – This is our top pick because it has so many different options, whether it is text-only, group video, or other chat options, not to mention a whole stranger social network!

Chatrandom – This is a cool popular cam chat site with roulette and group chatting options. Stickam Shuffle – Part of the main Stickam site, this roulette chat offshoot is great because it requires people to login, and thus keeps the content nice and clean!

Free Roulette Chat offers you access to all of the best alternatives to chat roulette sites.

If you like it, you are sure to enjoy communication via web camera, the webcam chat sites can offer such entertainment.

I am trying to launch Yahoo's Stattracker for fantasy football (which loaded last weekend), but I'm getting back an error telling me to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player to the latest version.

I go to Adobe's site and try to download the latest version, but Adobe says it's part of IE on Win8, and that I don't need to upgrade it.

Camzap – Rounding out the top 5 we have roulette site Camzap, which in recent days has added their own optional registration system among other things that are quite cool. Besides the 5 aforementioned awesome websites like Chatroulette, there are plenty more, but for the rest I will just give you a nice and easy list without descriptions, so you will have to be curious to find out what each one is all about!

Airtime – Review Alright, that about does it – check back for more updates though!

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