Bob harper dating


host said he is improving but limited to non-strenuous exercise like walking for the moment.

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Much like the "It gets better" project, Harper's coming out on TV will be profound solace to countless men and women struggling to come to grips with their sexuality.

So did Bob go on a ton of dates after his big on-air moment?

“I haven’t really had a chance to date,” Bob dishes to In Touch.

While Bobby is not the first gay competitor on the show, he is the first to reveal such turmoil.

Here he is, an accomplished young man, a lawyer, and yet he cowers at the thought of his father's disapproval.

Anton’s high profile boyfriend is known for being the host of NBC’s Biggest Loser. He took on The Biggest Looser hosting gig in September 2015, succeeding Allison Sweeney.

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