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On a mild fall day, the trees, grass, and leaves all blend together, and you can comfortably take it in without squinting your eyes.

You’re also much less likely to tap out due to heat exhaustion with cooler temperatures.

I think fall is also especially conducive to great reading, as the bibliophiles migrate from the sunny beaches to the leafy parks.

This being a topic which upsets me hugely, there is no RP thread.The Republican Party is the party of Give Rich People More.There’s no telling how low they will go, or how crazy they will become in pursuit of this goal …There is an RP version for everyone […] This started out as a reply to a comment by Blobby, but got longer and more rambling.I’ve also talked about some stuff that I’ve not been able to, until now. Blobby (“quoting Newbreed”): “The way I see feminist rhetorics, men always have themselves to […] Updated 11/4/2010 below the fold.Morra was founding Political Director for Blog, and has covered events from the White House to the campaign trail to Harvard Law School in her role as a blogger on women, politics, and work.

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