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The Temple menorah disappeared after vandals sacked Rome in 455, and legends persist that it remains hidden away in the Vatican.

Alexandra Mansions is a Victorian mansion block dating from 1905, located in Willesden Green, London.

The Historical Society operates a museum at the mansion, which is home to various community exhibits and events, and is available to rent for weddings and other events.The mansion was re-modeled in the early 1860s in the Victorian style, and from 1842-1891 was the home of Centre Furnace iron master Moses Thompson, his wife Mary Irvin Thompson, and their children.It was renovated again in the late 1900s and early 2000s.The Centre Furnace Mansion, originally built in the Georgian style of a five bay, 2 1/2 story dwelling, is now a museum and headquarters for the Centre County Historical Society.The original house was a center hall four-over-four, with the main block dating from about 1830.Peters Square, and part of it in the Rome Jewish Museum, located about a mile away in the complex of the Great Synagogue that towers over the Tiber River.

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