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Before hiding: After hiding: @Frantumn: Select the rows, right-click on the selection and choose Hide.

Alternatively, select the rows and under the Data ribbon select Group. the time of day from to , which causes lines to be drawn between and of the next day which extend across the chart and disturb the otherwise regular daily variation.

Any other way to get my graph looking the way I want it Image available once I have enough reputation!

If any cells were recalculated then flags the workbook as uncalculated, which triggers an automatic recalculation to recalculate any dependents on other sheets and all volatile cells and their dependents on ALL worksheets, not just the selected sheet(s).

If there are no uncalculated dependents on other sheets or volatile cells then nothing happens in the triggered automatic calculation because the workbook was already calculated.

In the demo below, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, shows how to use the Excel Web Access web part.

You can continue updating the Excel file either in Excel Online or in the client version of Excel.

Under the Data tab you can also click on the Connections button and then Properties and check the box for 'Refresh data when opening the file'.

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