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Tyler and Chris became friends in California, where their fathers worked together.

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And I’m kind of a spitter onstage so I definitely need to warn the splash zone down there when there’s no barricade—it happens. Next to the first Neon Trees record, appears more a commentary—on fame, the relationships it can create. I try to always make sure that it’s applicable to the listener.

The name of the American rock band Neon Trees came about from the lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger signs, which inspired Tyler Glenn and it was later learned that Branden Campbell's father, Steve Campbell, installed the exact lighted trees in the In-N-Out sign (that inspired Glenn) while working for a sign company out of Las Vegas. "Animal" "Animal" is the lead single from Neon Trees' debut studio album, .

Branden Campbell became a part of the band’s lineup that narrowed down to four members: Tyler Glenn and Chris Allen with Branden Campbell on bass and Elaine Bradley on drums. It debuted in October 2009 at number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has reached a peak of number 13 in its twenty-two week on the chart.

Neon Trees is an alternative rock group consisting of three young men and a girl from Provo, Utah, all of whom are Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The four-member band, includes lead vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn, guitarist Chris Allen, bassist Branden Campbell, and drummer/vocalist Elaine Bradley.

Which, I don’t want it to sound like I was cheating the audience, or not giving it my all, but sometimes melodies and lyric ideas come at the worst possible time. I love that I’m already wanting a new Neon Trees record; I think it’s a good feeling. Is writing everyday a recent routine for you, or something you’ve always found to be beneficial? And I’d been listening to music from a very young age, and even more: studying the bands’ careers and realizing that a lot of bands falter on their second record.

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