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One of our tipsters knew we’d get a kick out of a viral video that is making the rounds of Mashable and other websites today.

It’s an unusual video advertisement for a Los Angeles chiropractor named Ryan Lee.

The guys who made that, You Tube duo Rhett & Link, are back with a follow-up ad for another local L. The super awkward spot, embedded above, features Dr.

Lee earnestly addressing the camera while performing a series of wince-inducing adjustments on prone human models.

The benefit is that you can set your camera to “automatic”.

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So when I saw Lassiter’s distractingly attractive little sister armed with a camera and that the show was going to oscillate between conventional footage and what she shoots, I groaned a little bit.

Teaser generally includes the murder/crime of the week, often times complicated by some Gen-Y/Millenial cultural reference for Shawn and Gus to riff on, the detectives present the case, Team Psych goes rogue to gather evidence before SBPD can, red herring, wrong move, epiphane, Shawn leads them to the bad guy.

What the show tends to elide is what all procedurals elide: the actual protocol involved in getting warrents, gathering evidence, general procedure, the waiting.

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