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With email spam, the longtime rule has been not to click the unsubscribe button because that can merely tell unscrupulous spammers that your email account is live, and typically results in getting more.That advice remains true for most spam — especially obviously bogus messages such as unsolicited offers for low-cost drugs and loans, free merchandise or lottery winnings, misspelling-riddled pleas for help transferring money, and mail that claims to be from a government agency.According to Satnam Narang, Senior Security Response Manager for Symantec, who analyzed the influx of adult-themed spam accounts, most profiles follow three patterns.The first profile type only lists a photo, a small description, and a link.I am working on a PHP site that allows users to post a listing for their business related to the sites theme.This includes a single link URL, some text, and an optional URL for an image file.

The purpose of these campaigns is for the spammers to make money through affiliate programs or by driving traffic to malicious websites, where they can get paid on pay-per-infection schemes.

Messages How do I know if someone has sent me a message? If you make your matching search too complex it will be slow - so please leave categories set to 'Not bothered about this' where this is the case.

What's all this about ' Matching' Criteria? If you want someone just in Cambridgeshire do not put anything else in any of the other location boxes i.e do not put 'UK' in the Country box or 'East' in the Region Box' Yes, we know Cambridgeshire is in the East of the UK HOWEVER, this is the equivalent of telling the computer Cambridgeshire OR UK OR East. Your matching criteria can include pretty much unlimited combinations of values on the most common searchable fields. you can specify Occasional Smoker OR Non Smoker (thereby just ruling out smokers) AND p Hd OR Degree AND.., etc.

Stop Alcoholism, Start A New Life Wait, maybe this is a sign…

Open to meet defines your minimum requirement for a partner - so don't be too picky with this. Once you've set your criteria up other members can view these from your profile.

Example: tag with a fixed width and validated to be an actual HTTP URL, so that should be Ok. Question: How can I be sure that the link does not point to some SPAM, unsafe, or porn site (using code)? but is there a quick and easy way to validate a sites content from a link.

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