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And then let those things inform what you love about them as a 5. You’re drunk, lonely, and really just want someone to come cuddle you, and make you feel good about yourself. If something they’re doing is really bothering you, tell them directly, like you would with any other friend. One or both of you will undoubtedly end up hurt, so it just isn’t worth it. Feel free to date new people, to fall in love, even to eventually introduce your new bae to your ex; just don’t try to make your ex jealous. And if this friendship truly isn’t working, maybe it’s time to let it go forever.You convince yourself that one little text won’t hurt, right? The next thing you know, it’s morning and you find them naked in your bed with a condom wrapper on the floor. No matter how much it hurts, you are the most important person in your own life, so make sure you’re happy.In the weeks following a breakup, it is normal to wonder whether you did the right thing.Regardless of which partner initiated the breakup and what the circumstances were, you might think about giving the relationship another chance.

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To keep things on a positive note, follow certain guidelines.moving forward together again, whatever happened in the past should be left there.This is probably one of the biggest rules of dating your ex, because constant bringing up of bad memories will instantly put a strain on what should be a new chapter in the relationship. Do things differently Don’t try and recreate the past relationship when you are , try doing new and different things together.Take responsibility for the things that were your fault, apologize and see if your ex does the same.In an article for the Huffington Post, bestselling relationship author Diane Kirschner notes that a new emphasis on deep, meaningful conversation is a sign that your ex is ready to try again.No matter how many people may tell you it’s a bad idea, being friends with your ex is possible.

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